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Buddy Box App

Buddy Box

Buddy Box is a mobile app that allows you to view your Facebook News Feed in a more fun and interesting way. Use it to stay connected without all of the seldom used features in the official Facebook app.

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14ers Android App


14ers is the eco-friendly approach to having Colorado 14er information at your finger tips anytime/anywhere. Included are driving directions, approach/route descriptions, and point forecasts for selected peaks.

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Self Destruct Button Android App

Self Destruct Button

Have you ever wanted to blow up your phone? Well now you can with the Self Destruct Button app. Just press the button and BOOM! See a simulated explosion with sound followed by a broken screen.

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Drunk Meter Android App

Drunk Meter

Drunk Meter is an app that allows you to estimate your blood alcohol content (BAC) and keep track of drinks. You can perform a quick BAC estimate or use the Running BAC feature to track drinks for you and your friends throughout the night.

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